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Kelly and Sebastian are Getting Married! April 28, 2008

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I have the exciting opportunity to photograph Kelly and Sebastian’s wedding in November, so I really wanted to take them out for a few engagement shots.  Kelly and Sebastian are so much fun. They are both outdoorsy and sophisticated, and we were excited to show that in their pictures.  So we catered to their outdoorsy side and went to Lover’s Key for the engagement shoot.  We had an awesome time and we are going to do some more engagement shots in downtown Naples!  Here are a few favorites from the Lover’s Key session.

Kelly & Sebastian with Kayak

Kelly & Sebastian on the Bikes

Kelly & Sebastian on the Bikes

Kelly & Sebastian serious

Kelly & Sebastian at the picnic table

Kelly & Sebastian on the bridge

On the way to the beach

On the boardwalk


In the water

In the water again

Beach Kiss


Close up

At the tram stop

Tram Stop kiss



One Response to “Kelly and Sebastian are Getting Married!”

  1. Jerry Wang Says:

    Hi Deborah,

    I’m a fellow reader of Fredmiranda and reading through the posts I just happened to click on your website to check out your work.

    It seems like you haven’t gotten many comments so I thought I’d chime in.

    I think you have a wonderful set of images for their engagement session. The photos are natual, expressive, and says alot about their personality and their attraction for each other.

    A couple minor technical details I’ve noticed are the white balance (could be my laptop, it’s not calibrated by any means) and the focus on a couple of the photos.

    I think I remember you considering using speedlites for outdoor work. Let me know how it goes because I’ve just ordered my cactus trigger from ebay.

    Last but not least, keep up the great work!

    Jerry Wang

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