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Photography in 2009 October 14, 2008

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During the day I work as a civil engineer working on water resources.  Things are going well in engineering – I am enjoying my work more and more each day as I take on more responsibilities, and 2009 is a unique year because I will be studying for the Professional Engineering Exam!  I am really excited about moving forward in my career after I get my professional license!  But I will miss my free time for the next two years. 

My time will be limited during the evenings as the exam gets closer.  I love photography and put a lot of effort into each shoot, and I want to give each client the best photos possible.  So I have limited the number of weddings and portrait sessions I will be shooting in 2009.  This is so I can put enough time into each shoot.  I do not advertise — every client knows me personally or was referred by a previous client. So the likelihood of me overbooking is very slim.  But I want to make sure anyone who has considered having me shoot a 2009 wedding or portrait session knows that once the slots are taken, I won’t be booking any further.

In the event that I am booked or you are looking for a different photographer, I have a list of photographers in the area who come very highly recommended, and I am always happy to recommend someone!


Trash The Dress in Fort Lauderdale October 8, 2008

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Mid-week, mid-June I attended the seminar Almost Alone with David Williams, hosted by Mel Englander in Fort Lauderdale (if you need an experienced, talented, and fun photographer in the East Coast area — contact Mel).  I had a blast and learned a LOT.  David Williams hails from Australia and has that wonderful Australian accent we all enjoy. He is very passionate about his work – he shoots weddings and portraits. And he had many ways to inspire us photographers to think differently (outside the box) about our photography.  I find myself today thinking about finding the clean light and adding depth to my photos, and changing the typical group setup.  On the final day of the seminar we went to Hollywood beach to shoot a “Trash The Dress” session with one of Mel’s former brides.  “Trash The Dress” is the term photographers use for an after-wedding shoot.  Many times brides have no use for their dresses, so they decide to literally trash their dress for the shoot. 

Note that most dresses can actually be dry cleaned after a Trash The Dress session, so you aren’t actually trashing the dress.  Many brides are nervous about these sessions because they don’t want to ruin their dresses, so photographers are now calling them “Rock The Dress” sessions — implying that the shots are fun, sexy, and exciting, but not necessarily endangering the dress. 

If you decide to do a post-wedding shoot with a photographer (either with or without your spouse — sometimes it makes a great anniversary surprise!), go with someone who will be empathetic to your comfort level.  Some brides want the edgy shots that may ruin their dresses.  Others just want to take some more pictures in their wedding dresses at a more relaxed pace.  Your photographer should be willing to do either.

Mel’s bride wanted to trash her dress in the traditional way, as you’ll see in pictures below.  And you don’t need to be a model to get some great shots.  This bride wasn’t a model, and the shoot only took 20 minutes (even in Florida, the ocean water is cold).  For some edgier trash the dress ideas, check out John Michael Cooper’s work here




Adam and Monica are Expecting!

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I grew up one street over from Adam, and I was floored when my first wedding with photographer Shari Bare was his.  Adam and Monica are a wonderful couple and perfectly complement each other.  They are both fun and outgoing, and they are willing to try anything.  So you can imagine how excited I was to shoot their pregnancy!  We had an amazing time.  It was the day after my husband’s ACL surgery, but Matt was a trooper and survived my long absence.  Jane has since then been born and is a joy to see.  I hope to get some pictures of her soon.


Time Passes Quickly

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A lot of time has passed by since I last updated this blog.  My husband, Matt, tore his ACL at the end of May and he had surgery June 27.  It was a tough time for us — he couldn’t get up by himself, even to go to the bathroom, and we had just adopted a 4 month old puppy.  I spent time working both at home and at the office while caring for him.  Thankfully Matt is now on the mend and has been cleared to start running. Not to say that he can actually run, but he is now allowed to, which is great!  Matt had some major dental work scheduled the Monday before his surgery, so we rescheduled for the next month.  He’s gone to the dentist once a month for the past three months, and has two more appointments before he is done.  Then in late August I was rear-ended by a man driving 40 mph. Apparently he never saw me come to a full stop.  My car was sent into the car in front of me; the airbags came out and the car was declared a total loss.  It took us an entire month on the phone with our insurance company to finally come to a decent value for my car.  So now things seem to be settling down and I’m able to update!  I will write a few entries about what I’ve been doing since then. I’ve been busy — I went to a seminar with David Williams of Australia, photographed a “Trash the Dress” session, a pregnant friend and her husband, a newborn, and a friend’s son’s first birthday.  Can’t wait to get some pictures up!  Below are pictures of me and my car after the wreck.  If you see me today, you’d never know I looked so beat up right after the accident!