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Everything I Know About People I’ve Learned From My Dogs January 9, 2009

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Matt and I have two neurotic dogs: a Border Collie named Baxter, and a Miniature Australian Shepherd named Petey. While I was getting ready this morning I heard the normal chomping sound of dog food and looked over to see Petey chewing on a Nylabone and Baxter’s rear end sticking out of Petey’s crate, tail wagging away. Every time I shouted his name, his tail wagged a little harder. Clearly he was happy to be eating the rest of Petey’s food.  So I filled up Baxter’s dog bowl (with the same food as Petey’s), and I dragged Baxter out of the crate. He looked at his food, then at me, then at the crate, then back at his food. Then he turned around and went straight back into Petey’s crate and started eating.

Mind you, we can’t get this dog to eat on his own. Baxter is the pickiest dog I have ever met.

And today he proved that no matter what we have, we always want what someone else has — even if it’s the same thing. I see this so often when the two dogs play. One dog will grab a toy and the other immediately drops whatever it had in its mouth, and goes over to steal it. Or I will come in and pet one dog, and the other barges over and cuts in. We even bought two Nylabones so they wouldn’t steal from each other. But even when one has its own Nylabone, it wants the one that’s in the others mouth.

It’s funny to see this behavior in dogs. It’s sad that as humans, we act the same. We get jealous of what other people have, forgetting that we have the same thing. Yes, I’ve learned a lot from my dogs. Unfortunately I’ve still got a long way to go.


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  1. Brenda Says:

    I can relate to that story! My dogs do the exact same thing! I have a part border collie-part Australian shepherd. I am new to blogging, so if you get a chance would you please check my site and give me feedback? Thanks!

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