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Two From This Weekend January 16, 2009

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We were thrilled to have the opportunity to create portraits for Briggs & Rogers, a PR and Marketing firm out of Fort Myers. They are doing the marketing for highly acclaimed artist Peter Max when he comes to Naples this February (February 7 & 8). Peter Max is painting a portrait of both women and he will be using our portraits. Everything from lighting to posing effect the impression of a photograph and it is important to think through what impression you want to make.  I wanted these to be fresh and inviting.  By looking at the camera, they engage the viewer.  Having them look away would have created a different impression.  Both women are strong and  I wanted to convey a sense of that strength tempered with a slightly softer pose.  Peter Max portraits are colorful additions to photographs and I thought it important to have soft, but noticeable shadowing to give the faces shape and depth.  These were my two favorites from the shoot.  I feel they convey a sense of beauty and softness yet are very engaging.  I am looking forward to seeing which pictures the two woman will choose.




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