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Historic Day January 21, 2009

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I couldn’t log on to WordPress yesterday because, I assume, everyone was blogging about the inauguration. And I have to admit, I felt proud of our country yesterday. No matter who you voted for or who you support, it was really amazing to see power pass from George Bush to Barack Obama so … uneventfully. And I mean that in a good way. This past election was quite possibly one of the most divisive elections our country has had. I am still amazed by the numbers of people who vote against Barack Obama strictly because of his race. I hope and pray that those days are over. Look at the man and what he stands for, but judge him not by the color of his skin. I may not support all of Obama’s policies, but I can say that neither race nor sex factored into any of my political decisions this year. When I look at all the fighting around the world and the political uprisings and overturnings, I’m awestruck at how peaceful the change of power was. And here we are – a new day, a new president.


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