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Peterson Family April 29, 2009

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We had such a wonderful time with the Peterson family when we met them at Clam pass in early April. I would say more, but these pictures speak for themselves!
























2009 Play to Win April 20, 2009

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This is the second year we are helping out with the annual Fellowship of Christian Athletes Banquet. Jim Tressel, the head football coach at Ohio State, will be speaking. We expect a pretty hefty turnout and are really excited! We have an ad in the program this year, and here it is, fresh off the press:


Busy, Busy!

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When I took off for Shoot with Beckstead, I knew I was going to have a busy few weeks- but I wasn’t ready for this busy! It’s been wonderful having so much to work on at once. We are gearing up for Fellowship Of Christian Athlete’s 2009 Play to Win Banquet. I have a lot to prepare for that! We can’t wait to document the event. Right now we are creating an ad for the brochure – I can’t wait until it is finished.

We are also giving away a lifestyle portrait shoot as a door prize at FGCU. This past week we have been working on creating materials together to give out at FGCU so people are more familiar with our work and what they won. I have posted them below – they are accordian cards with examples of some of our latest work. We had a wonderful time putting these together, but we are happy to be back to editing our shoots. We have just shot 3 weddings and 2 family shoots in the past two weeks. So we are busy bees trying to get through it all. I am hoping to post Part 2 of Sarah and Dane’s portrait session tonight, followed by teasers from the past few shoots we have done.

We are excited about the upcoming events!

Portrait work:

Wedding work:


Good Friday April 10, 2009

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Good Friday, tonight, is an important time for us to remember the sacrifice that Christ made for us. This video is a great reminder of the sadness that everyone felt on Good Friday – and the hope they all had when Easter Sunday finally came:

Sunday’s Coming



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I lived in Italy for 4 months during the spring of 2002, during which my roommates and I watched a lot more MTV Italy than I care to admit (I’ve seen more Gorillaz music videos…). We saw an interesting and catchy music video by a female artist that featured animated cardboard cutouts – with the cardboard singer driving a cardboard car through a cardboard city. I wanted to buy the CD as soon as I got back to the states, but I was never able to find it. I was floored when our spin instructor, Lee, played that exact song during a hill portion of our spin class this morning, and I immediately asked him who the artist was. He said something Boulevard. It’s taken me over 7 years, but after a thorough internet search, I found it: Point of View by DB Boulevard. I have yet to find it on iTunes, but I WILL be purchasing this song or CD when I get the chance. Who would think that I wouldn’t hear this song for 7 years then immediately recognize it? Here’s a link to the music video Point of View by DB Boulevard. I highly recommend you all check it out. I will be watching it a few times today, for old times’ sake!


DB Boulevard Point of View


Wedding Planning Break: A Weekly Date Night With Your Fiance April 9, 2009

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Joie de Vie, a weddings and events planner in Orlando, posted a wonderful article on the importance of taking a break during your wedding planning to make time for just the two of you:  Wedding Planning Break: A Weekly Date Night With Your Fiance.  I’ve always said I enjoyed dating more than being engaged because it seemed like the wedding was all I would think about or talk with Matt about.  So we tried to make a point of having a date night once a week.  It’s easier said than done, but Kerline lays out a few fantastic ways to start.  It’s important to be very intentional about these dates – otherwise you may suddenly fall back into wedding planning mode.  The wonderful thing about establishing a weekly date night is that it’s a great habit to carry into your marriage.  Life suddenly catches up with you after you get married and it is hard to make time with each other a priority.  Establish the weekly date habit now and you will be setting your marriage up for success!



Shoot with Beckstead April 7, 2009

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I had an amazing three days in Tampa at Shoot with Beckstead, an intense three-day workshop. David Beckstead is a world-renown international wedding photographer who has worked hard at creating imagery with composition. The three-day workshop was just the break I needed to get the creative juices flowing. The first day David talked about his photographic experience, composition, and business practices. He delved into ways to experiment and have fun with wedding photography – which really opened my eyes to how much better photography is when it’s fun.


On day 2 we went on a model shoot with David at Lange Farm, University of Tampa, and Ybor City. David found locations and gave directions to the models, and then explained how he was approaching the shot and what compositional elements he wanted to incorporate. Then we were encouraged to play with the scene. I really pushed myself to use my 16-35mm lens so I could become more comfortable with wide angle. I love David’s approach because it isn’t as formulaic as many other photographers. He doesn’t have any hard and fast rules that he uses to shoot – he looks for composition, and then plays around. We were shooting for nearly 10 hours – I won’t even admit to how many pictures I took. I really took the experimenting to heart.


On day 3 we were back in the studio. The night before we had to pick out our 30 best shots and edit them. We gave them to David and he took time to critique each of our work – in front of the class. I learned so much from listening to what he had to say about each photo – the good, the bad, the ugly. I now have a means of critiquing my own work and a new approach to photography. It was exciting!