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I FINALLY FOUND IT! April 10, 2009

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I lived in Italy for 4 months during the spring of 2002, during which my roommates and I watched a lot more MTV Italy than I care to admit (I’ve seen more Gorillaz music videos…). We saw an interesting and catchy music video by a female artist that featured animated cardboard cutouts – with the cardboard singer driving a cardboard car through a cardboard city. I wanted to buy the CD as soon as I got back to the states, but I was never able to find it. I was floored when our spin instructor, Lee, played that exact song during a hill portion of our spin class this morning, and I immediately asked him who the artist was. He said something Boulevard. It’s taken me over 7 years, but after a thorough internet search, I found it: Point of View by DB Boulevard. I have yet to find it on iTunes, but I WILL be purchasing this song or CD when I get the chance. Who would think that I wouldn’t hear this song for 7 years then immediately recognize it? Here’s a link to the music video Point of View by DB Boulevard. I highly recommend you all check it out. I will be watching it a few times today, for old times’ sake!


DB Boulevard Point of View


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