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Good Friends, Good Times May 15, 2009

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Matt and I had the awesome opportunity to drive up to Sarasota this Tuesday for an impromptu meet up with two of my friends from college. It was the first time I had seen them in 4 or 5 years (who’s counting?). We sat around and reminisced about old times while catching up on the past few years. Life has been good – very good – to me. I sometimes forget how much happened in those four years at college. What an awesome, awesome time it was to be alive. I learned so much about life. And I made so many good friends who I will be friends with forever. During our conversations it felt like no time had passed at all – almost as if we were sitting on campus and enjoying time as usual – unaware about how much time has passed.

If I can give any advice to those who have not yet entered college, this would be it: GO FOR IT. And go far away – somewhere you have never been or never will be in the future. Travel abroad if you get the opportunity. Force yourself to live outside your comfort zone. Travel on a whim. Experience life – all the academics will be forgotten, but what you learn about life will stay with you forever. And most of all, invest in relationships. This is VITAL. You will forget most of what you learn, but you will never, ever forget those friends. Five years later I have never regretted staying up late or skipping studying to talk with friends. I do, however, regret the times I skipped being with friends so I could go study.

So if I can leave you with one thought from today, it is this: Invest in Relationships. And don’t do it for personal gain. You will never regret it.


2 Responses to “Good Friends, Good Times”

  1. Christina Says:


    And can I ask — who were these friends? I was hoping you had pictures, and that they were mutual friends of ours… 🙂

  2. Deb Says:

    It was Andrew Hudson and Steve Lu! But I, being a professional photographer, forgot my camera at home. Steve Lu has pics and I’m hoping he’ll get them to me after he returns!

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