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Italian Memories May 27, 2009

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During my Junior year in college, I had the awesome opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. I spent 4 months in Firenze – touring the Italian countryside and learning all about the history of the architecture there. It was one of the times I can say I grew the most as a person. I learned how to navigate around Europe by myself, and I learned how to survive using a language I hardly knew. Best of all, I really got into photography during that time. I took over 2000 pictures while I was there, and was stupid enough to get them developed AND put them in binders – so now I have tons of binders of Italian photos in storage. I just found a few of these pictures and wanted to share my experience with you all.


Vicenza Park


Venice Gondole


Venice Masks


Piazzo San Marco in the fog




Leaning Tower of Pisa


Leaning Tower of Pisa


Pisa from the tower






Rome Park


Budapest at Night


Prague Square


Prague square tower


Prague Boats


Prague Castle


Prague Castle


Prague Castle Interior


Fred & Ginger in Prague


Fred & Ginger in Prague


Little Sports Palace


Senior Thesis Shots


3 Responses to “Italian Memories”

  1. audrey Says:

    beautiful! thanks for sharing!

  2. I spent a summer in Italy in college too. In Salerno, on the Amalfi coast. It’s my favorite place in the whole world. 🙂

  3. slu Says:

    haha, that leaning tower of pisa is a classic 🙂

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