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Deanna & Casey June 4, 2009

Filed under: Engagement — Deb @ 4:42 pm

I was SO excited when I heard Matt’s cousin, Deanna, was engaged to Casey.  Casey is such a wonderful guy and we are thrilled to invite him into the family.  I was even more thrilled that they asked us to be a part of their wedding.  We met them at downtown Fort Myers and had a wonderful engagement session.


5 Responses to “Deanna & Casey”

  1. Leslie Roark Says:

    I LOVE these. Especially the ones with the squares lines of the I’m assuming parking garage! The last one is especially cute too!

  2. audrey Says:

    awesome work! i love that you shot these locations in a different way. you made downtown fm look different. yes!

  3. Kelly Says:

    I love every single one of these! They are gorgeous and fun!

  4. Theresa Smith Says:

    Wicked stair shots!! First time I am on your blog and I am truly inspired by your work yet again! (Flashfemme from FM)

  5. Kevin Lam Says:

    Great work Deb. Really love the parking garage images.

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